Learn a foreign language!

Websites for Language Learners – have you seen these?!

Duolingo – Fantastic, in-depth website that offers fun, interactive lessons for beginner and intermediate learners in around 30 languages. It encourages daily use with it’s game-like structure that is very satisfying. It also includes forums and other language-learning activities. Entirely free.

Lingvist – Good site for building vocabulary, especially after completing Duolingo as it offers more elevated content. I’d say Duolingo is quality and Lingvist is quantity. Both are excellent. Lingvist is free, but there is a premium, paid version.

Easy Languages – I cannot recommend this Youtube channel enough. The videos are interviews with random people on the streets of Berlin, Nice, etc. with subtitles in the native language and in English. It’s a perfect resource for improving your listening comprehension.

WordReference – Possibly the best translation dictionary out there. Lots of translations and example sentences for words, short phrases, and idioms in many languages. Also has conjugation tables for some languages and great forums.

Linguee – This dictionary works perfectly in conjunction with WordReference. This site searches through all kinds of websites that have already been translated, especially official government sites, to find real translations for more specific phrases. So if you have a phrase that you can’t find a translation for on WordReference, try Linguee.

Wiktionary – Another dictionary that is good for more obscure languages, often including full conjugation tables and pronunciation, though it is not as consistent in what each entry includes as it is edited by users.

Special thanks to Graeme Hafford who gathered this list!

Printing Survey!

Edmonds Approved Chrome Extensions

You can see all the approved Chrome Extensions in the Edmonds School District HERE in the Chrome Web Store. Take a peek at all the tools available with your Chromebook!  If you are in the Chrome Web Store, here’s where you see it:

Web Store Image

School-wide Seuss Contest!

Read Across America Day is this Friday, March 2, Dr. Seuss’s birthday!  To get y’all pumped for reading the library is sponsoring a Seuss Battle!

*Ms. R will read CLUES/QUOTES from the BIG Dr. Seuss Books after morning announcements every morning for the next 2 weeks.
*Teachers can EMAIL the class response to me each morning within 2 minutes of my clue.  Put the title in the subject line. 
* P1 and P2 classes with the most correct answers by each Friday in the contest will receive Donuts and Hot Chocolate
*The books are on display in our library.  Students are encouraged to read one when they are in here
*TEACHERS only may check them out.

Like to write? Submit here!

Announcing EWHS’s new online magazine that showcases the artistic and writing talent of the Edmonds Woodway community!
We release monthly issues and are searching for submissions for the February issue. We would greatly appreciate it if you helped us get the word out and encouraged your students to submit their work. Submission can be any form of written or visual art (we have received a variety of photography, paintings, poems, essays, and pictures of model work). Teachers can submit too! To send in work, email: ewhsdriftwoodmagazine@gmail.com
Thank you!
The Driftwood Team
(Yuuka Wolf, Lena Stavig, Molly Galloway, Lily Kimura, Audrey Smith)

EW’s NEW Online Newspaper!

Announcing Edmonds Woodway’s new newspaper, The Warrior Word, found at www.warriorword.com!!

We are lead by our Chief Editor, Stephany Jannsen, and our Copy Editor, Bridget Smith. Our advisor is Mr. Johnson, who led the Broadcast Journalism Club at Edmonds Woodway in previous years.

The Warrior Word hopes to bring journalism back to Edmonds Woodway, to educate and inform students about the community. Students involved in the program will be learning the basics of reporting, and developing their writing skills. In today’s world, telling real stories is crucial, so we hope to motivate students to explore the possibilities of having a career in the press.

We are just getting started, and would appreciate any support you can give us, whether it’s checking out our website yourself!