10H CBA Resources

From library website, gain access to:

  • catalog (to search for books and ebooks in the library’s collection)
  • GVRL (ebook collection)
  • databases
  • Primary Source Links

Initial Research and Idea/Question-Generating:

  • General sources:
    • Britannica
    • GVRL General Encyclopedic Articles
  • Topic and question ideas:
    • World GVRL
    • Taking Sides series (books in library)
    • Opposing Viewpoints

Reference and Primary Sources:

  • GVRL – In-depth encyclopedias, also some primary sources
  • History Study Center – “Historical Documents”
  • World History In Context
  • ProQuest database: scholarly articles as well as periodicals from time period (potential primary sources)
  • Opposing Viewpoints database: some periodicals (search here after you have narrowed topic)

Primary Sources

EWHS Library’s UW Library Visit Preparation Page

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